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Been looking around the devforum and found a few posts from @Feneruther talking about game ideas, one of his ideas was a PLS DONATE type of game which I though was cool and wanted to get some feedback on it.

Idea: Players can interact with friends wacking each other a just normal socialising while others can ride around the map promoting an item to get donated to. The game will be community-driven as there will be weekly donation goals to encourage donating, as reaching the donation goals will result in maybe like a 10k Robux to one random player who donated! So it kinda just a community-driven social hangout game!

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It is a great idea, but it could be tweaked a bit. For example, the weekly donation goal thing might require a larger base of players playing it (depending on the goal ofc). There might also need to be other things that are unique to the game as PLS DONATE is already a social hangout. It might need to have other activities, like playing games that can be found close to the donation area.

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Cool, thanks for that opinion.

Hey I made a donation game last year that did somewhat well and this is my advice -

Donation goals are a great idea but the 10k robux idea doesn’t seem viable - there’s no way to promise that amount of money as players likely won’t donate the 10k themselves and you can’t give away the robux yourself (tos). What I’d suggest is adding a weekly board on the map that selects the player who donated the most that week and shows their donation products, incentivizing players to donate to claim their spot on that weekly board.

Donation games are also highly susceptible to AFK players, at one point over 70% of my player base was AFKing to get donations, so you’d need to somehow incentivize active gameplay or separate the inactive from the active to keep a social atmosphere.

Donation games are a highly competitive space, and players will generally go to the game which gives them the highest amount of robux comparable to their playtime, so you need to make sure to incentivize donating as much as you can. A small player base is okay if players are donating, but if it’s small with no donations the game can quickly die.

If you can figure out a way to keep an active environment and incentivize donations, donation games are very fun to make because there is a lot of excitement in the community and the entire ecosystem is based around generosity. Good luck :smile:

Oh, you made Donation Roulette that’s nice, anyway you were talking about my weekly donation idea that is was against the TOS, it’s basically just like weekly giveaways, could you explain why it’s against the TOS

And also the donations goals is not donating 10k it goes up when a player donated so its like donating 10k times and you will probably have to donate more than 10k times so I get some robux for profit and it’s easy to just giveaway said robux.

Buts let’s say Epic Minigames, minigames are in-game/on-platform contests between players which offers the games currency! Isn’t that against TOS?