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Hey Roblox DevForum!

I hope you are having an amazing day.

I have an idea for a game but I don’t know if I should do it.

Would the community support me, either though I’m not like famous or anything.

Anyways… I was thinking of something based off of Among Us but a bit different.

Called “The Imposter”

I plan to have many maps, which can be voted for. The lobby will look like the lobby ship from Among Us and you can chat etc. When the game starts it says what you are, either an Imposter, a crew mate or what I call, a detective.

I am planning for it to have a cartoony finish.


Can use vents, and can kill people.

Crew mates:

Can do tasks and report bodies.


Will be able to look if anyone is hiding in a vent, can use security cameras, and can search bodies for finger prints which they could use to find the imposter.

I will also make a story line to it, instead of calling the maps, well maps, I would call them chapters. And there would be 12. (More if it ever goes well) which all have a story line which if followed correctly would be pretty cool.

I think you can see that there is an Among Us like connection but I will make it as different as possible.

What do you guys think?

Have a great day, and sorry this looks bad I wrote it on my phone.


Short answer: no

People will just see another copy of among us



It’s just an among us copy man, use the platform for creativity, and not to copy…

Sorry if this sounded rude, but yeah cmon bro.


I mean you could but the Roblox platform in a competitive industry and if you are unable to think of unique ideas (which other players would enjoy), then I doubt that it would get a lot of attention.

If you are making the game for fun or for experience in development, then go ahead! But if you are doing it for Robux, then no.


If your gonna take inspiration off that game I would make a bit more of a twist and style to the game that would seperate itself from the “among us” genre.

Because if your offering the same thing 5 other games are already offering then why would someone choose yours over any of these already dedicated and developed options?

Personally what I think would be cool is a more shooter type of game where a squad is sent in to clear out the aliens.


One of the Roblox Among Us games that already exists is named that.


Here’s what you should do:

Innocent Role

Survive the Imposter
Sprint Ability
Can Report Bodies
Can do tasks
Stamina Bar

Imposter Role

Multiple Abilities (Like MM2, you must buy them)
Knives to kill people
Can vent
Has a gun, but only has 1 ammo
Needs to find a certain object that will reload the gun (back to 1)
Can vent
Instead of doing a sabotage, use traps like a beartrap or something
Can do tasks that with push back the Task Bar
To make it harder for the imposter, put the word imposter above them for a brief moment
Can Sprint, but slower than innocents
Stamina Bar
When Stamina Bar runs out, drop a clue who the imposter is

Investigator Role

Has a gun (1 ammo)
Must find a place to reload ammo (back to 1)
Ammo objects for investigator are more common than Imposters’
The only one who can analyze clues (dropped by Imposter due to no stamina)
Can Sprint (same as imposters’ speed)
Can intimidate (slows the intimidated person)
Report Bodies
Do special tasks that boost the task bar more than innocent’s tasks

Medic Role

Can heal dead bodies if not reported
Starts with 2 med kits
Can report bodies
Can Sprint (Faster than Innocents)
When stamina goes down, a 20 percent chance to drop med kits (-1 Med Kit)
Can find med kits only Medics can see
Can do tasks (same kind as innocents)

I am sorry if this is to much to script


To be completely frank, it sounds like a ripoff and is going to fall. I am honestly tired of having Among Us ripoffs on roblox and I wish people could actually use their imagination. This is just like all the other games. Nothing different. Just another Among Us ripoff. It is not even just another Among Us ripoff, it is an actual game on roblox, Impostor’s ripoff. You even called it “The Impostor”. At least try to make something different, put it in a different setting, something. Please don’t do this idea, we have enough of these low effort games cluttering roblox.


Now THAT is something that is original and takes inspiration, rather than just flat out copying it.


I don’t think I would make a game so close to Among Us, try changing it up a bit add your own spin.

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I feel like the name and game concept are too closely related to Among us and probably wouldn’t be received well; changing both the name and game concept would be good.

I’m also unsure of how you’d implement a story into a game like that, and if you can’t then there’s no harm in just calling them different maps.

I like the idea train that you’re on with multiple roles and open maps where people can move around. As long as you have more roles, give the game a different theme, (ex: Town of Salem is the Salem witch trials and Among Us is space/sci-fi) and change the core gameplay to something more unique, I think it’ll work.

That’s what I would do
Also that the only way you could link it to Among Us is the crew mate and imposter nothing else.

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I am trying to create a game intended for kids and young teenagers but I don’t know what they like.

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I would suggest not to since you can get hate for copying among us and plus there is already a copy/ripoff of among us in roblox which is in the front page


Do whatever you like. No one’s here to sway you from doing one or the other. If you want to create a game that’s already been done; so be it. Use your intuition and general sense, weigh the pros and the cons and decide. We can provide advice but at the end of day it comes down to you.


It’s just another among us copy, but make it like different gameplay with a little twist like Puzzle, tasks, Guns, or something, and make another game name like Imposter in the Dark or Imposter Time or something because Someone Got that game name already. So yeah Have a Nice Day.

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I have played a front page game with this exact same idea before, so maybe don’t go down this road. You could always take your own spin on the Among Us/Imposter idea, and add your own roles, and different scenarios. For example, you could try make it in a medieval/fantasy theme, adding lots of new gameplay and potentially dozens of new roles.

That’s kind of just ripping off Among Us.

Imposter already did. They dind’t get inspired, they full on copied. My game would be inspired not copied.

You can use different words, instead of impostor, assasin, instead of crewmate, use innocent, be original, do not make a clone, if you are getting inspiration of it, just dont copy names, maps, etc. Just use the principal idea