Game Idea Suggestions

I made this map when I was bored, any suggestions on what I could use it for?

Lightside vs Darkside battle type game.


One of those games that are like puzzle games. Like they play tricks with the mind


My Suggestion, you can use the map as a college roleplaying game. The buildings really look similar to the building architecture of schools or colleges.
You will have to change the textures of the buildings to a brick texture then add some more buildings similar to the buildings in the screenshot, though they should also have a brick texture.

Like this


Also change the black and white and texture of the ground to green and add some grasses and trees along with it.


How about a life from Dark and Light and there separated by a border, the dark side has to try and get over to that side by a obby, and once they do they have to face challenges and life obstacles. Sounds complicated but seems like a real world situation between Mexico and America demonstrating the life that people have.


I think it would be a great learning experience, but if that sounds to over complicated go with @Chaddaking 's idea it was good.

I feel like this could be a mystery game where you’re forced to figure out the idea of being opposite of yourself. Like a mirror type of game where you’re made to press buttons on the “other side of the mirror” which then in turn activates something on your side of the mirror.

I like that idea, really do, think that’s good.

You could make a city roleplay , that would be good or a game with two sides black and white competing in a minigame which u can add.

Buildings are exceptional

This looks awesomee…nice one.

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