Game Idea Support

Our team is working on beginning a new project and im here to get some input from the community!

Were most likely going for a military/law enforcement based game with realism aspects, we dont have much of a premise so were here to ask if anyone has in ideas. We were thinking of taking some inspiration from games like Ready or Not or Squad. We were wondering what the community would think of games surrounding that gameplay and what aspects they would enjoy. Remember we are not just limited to these two inspirations and we are looking for any ideas.

We are very small at the moment as we have not publicized the group as of yet but we will from now moving forward!

I’d also like to mention we are looking for all types of developers alongside management, staff, and administration positions so dont be scared to reach out for that either.

If you have any input please let us know here on the forum or through discord noval#1000

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You can find developers to work for you in the Talent Hub, not here on the Dev Forum. I don’t think you should make a military/law enforcement game since there are already hundreds, and maybe even thousands of them that already exist on Roblox.

For some ideas though, you should make vehicles a more focused-on part of the game. Also make sure that the buildings in the game have detail, and aren’t low poly. Make more features than just fighting and using the weapons.

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Thanks for the Information about the talent hub & the suggestions about the game!

We are definitely trying to make the game unique through game mechanics and high poly quality models are also a priority. What would you like to see besides a military/law enforcement based game?