Game idea where you race against other players through obstacle courses (like a multiplayer obby, only less generic)

So, pretty much you race against other people through a uniquely themed obstacle course. Each race will be like 2 minutes or so, or until someone reaches the finish line. The only game I found that’s like this is Obby Dash, but it’s honestly not that good. Instead of being transported into an actual map, you’re put in a little room with some things that you can jump across. There will be powerup boxes with powerups that you can throw at other people to slow them down.

Should the characters be faster than the default speed, or nah? Should I make the maps be focused more on avoiding obstacles, or more on timing and just reaching the end of the map the quickest? Should I mess with the camera angle or keep it regular?

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check out my groups game xD (Race to Heaven or Race to Heaven 2, both have the same game premise)

If this is being marketed as part of the obby genre, then it should be default. If it’s being branded as its own thing independent of Roblox obbies there would be more room for experimentation.

Depends on player interaction. It wouldn’t make sense to have hard obstacles and players sabotaging each other at the same time. It would probably be best to just emphasize one of those.

Same as the first question. It matters how this game is being marketed. If it’s being marketed as part of, or a minor deviation from, a narrowly defined genre (like Roblox obbies), then it’s probably best to default to the conventions of the genre because that’s what people clicked for.

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