Game Ideas For Roblox Studio

Hey I was reading and reading and commenting when I wanted to make my own game! But since I am a very bad planner I wanted help for a Game Idea. :thinking:

Please give ideas under these subjects

  • Building & BASIC scripting
  • Appropriate for Roblox and able to do.
    And that is it!

The best Idea I have and idea that I can make will be chosen and made a game.

Thanks for reading! :smiley:

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Something that’s pretty basic and requires building is making an obby, you can decorate it and other stuff. It’s pretty simple since you basically just need to move blocks or have kill blocks too, but that’s pretty simple! Also, it’s appropriate for Roblox and most new builders should be able to do this.

Ask yourself questions such as;

  • Where do I want to go with this game?
  • What genre will my game be in?
  • What tone do I want to set? (Dark, Spooky, Happy?)

You need to be specific with those details because I do not know what you like.

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Thanks a good idea! But maybe something a bit more advanced then a obby?! I am not that new.

Thanks so much those questions helped me alot. I picked a Dark/Spooky and Zombie apocalypse type thing any ideas for that?

EDIT: Also add horror to that.

The year is 2039. A zombie virus broke out from Salt Lake City, when the salt was dug up revealing tons of gasses which were toxic to humans, thus resulting in viruses spreading. As the virus spread, the military was quickly overrun by the hoards. Citizens began taking shelter and building to survive each day. They stockpiled weapons and food. Can civilization keep going on?

Sorry if this lore is not realistic, however I just thought of it.

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Thanks so much you helped me alot!!! You will be noted you’re a great planner!