Game ideas? (Here we go again)

I want ideas for a Roblox game to create and become my little project for the next few months. ( Maybe even years)

The thing with me and a lot of other people is I like to start projects that I never end up completing due to not having a clear vision, leaving hundreds of games with quite a bit potential, untouched.

I’ve been playing around a bit with different AI programs to give me detailed ideas however none of them fits into what would be looking forward to creating.

The game styles I like is open world, games with ecosystems, problem solving, obbies, tycoons, simple yet sophisticated games. (mostly because I enjoy the technical part more than the building, etc.)
I also love story games that are different, that you can interact a lot with different items.

Let me know if you got any ideas!

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My solution could help

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Generic far cry game but without adult stuff lol