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Hey! Is this the correct category?

After a few months of actually making games, I have had no original ideas. Pretty much all I have done is make a remake of popular games, like Epic Minigames and Piggy.

I find it difficult, like others, to come up with original, ground breaking ideas that will make history on Roblox, or at least an original idea :wink:

So, rather than what I want, what would you want to play? Give me some Roblox game ideas to make!

hundreds of topics right there, from the search filter!

Also, if we need to give you game ideas, it might be helpful if you could give us some of your interested genres so we can decide game ideas for you from there.

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Yeah, thanks for the first comment!

As for what I’d like, I am very fond of Round Based Games, however I like grinding games like Jailbreak too!

Pretty much anything except for sims and role play.

(I like meep city, but others, nah :wink: )

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There’s a really good Community Tutorial from 2017 on how to formulate a game idea here. Overall, it’s a great resource. I hope you forsee success on the platform soon!

You could try creating a round based game that has minigames based on, the mascot??

Few weeks ago I wanted to make Cat Minigames but due to lack of motivation I failed. The point was to make cat styled minigames!

But also, simple games are needed at my stage, since I can’t afford pay.

By simple, I mean like a tycoon or murder mystery game.

I have often considered, “why should they play my game instead of the popular ones?” And often come up with the solution, “I. Don’t. Know”

It’s tough, since I don’t know if it will be popular, (100+ players) and if not, it’s the amount of time I used and spent on the failed game that worries me.

My trick was simply imagine the world you like to build, create it, the limits are on your imagination and taste. With this and my team, we were able to make a game getting over 3,000 players at once for a duration of time before it died down. More players will be happy to experience your game if you enjoyed making it, as that allows to make your game the way your ideas came to mind.

For starters, I would just say, don’t focus on the attention. Focus on the experience you had working on the product you produce. This forever changed how I made my games, and that’s how I’ve gotten better over the 2 years experience I’ve had making games on the platform.

Thanks for that!

However, when and if I make a choice on a game, and finish it, I know that a lot of people use ad blockers, so how will I gain players?

I get sponsored ads are unblocked, but would those attract more players than gathering sponsors/content creators on it?

The other problem is, how much should I spend on ads?

I spent nothing on ads when this happened so I’m not particularly the best person to ask, however, there is a DevForum thread you may find useful here.

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Simulators like bee swarm simulator tend to do very well and players are actively coming back to play the game. Simulators can be very addicting and be good.

Trying to gain players and trying to make a ground breaking game are different things, if you’re looking for robux + players then make a sim or your average roleplay game. I’d suggest you play some indie and less known games in and out of roblox and cop a feel for their style, now I’m not saying to steal but there are plenty of games outside of roblox that are popular and have been brought to roblox which also brought lots of players, robux and recognition to the owner. examples of this are like CS:GO, sky block, murder mystery etc. these are all based off of a real game. This is probably the category you’d wantto be in to gain players and what youw ish

Just think of types of games that you like to play, and add your favorite parts of them together. That is how I came up with the udea for my group Classics Remake.