Hiring Long Term Developers to help bring back the original roblox games

I am currently hiring devs for my new group Classics Remake. At Classics Remake we work to bring back the old original roblox games, but with our own twist to make them fun. We update the graphics, scripting, guis, and sometimes even the gameplay.

The Team

@wealthywizard110 - Holder
@Game_Impossible and @diggs9409 - Owners
@usernames - Builders
@cweego, and @username - Scripters
@1BL1ZZARD, and @iiSmallTV - Modelers
@usernames - GFX Designers
@usernames - Clothing Makers
@Fas_ty35, and @username - UI designers

We try to pay staff as much as we can, but it depends on how much funds we have.


You can dm wealthywizard110 https://www.roblox.com/users/1084252520/profile or Game_Impossible https://www.roblox.com/users/1817317039/profile to apply, or join the group and ask for a job on the group wall. Also, you can dm @Game_Impossible in the forum, this should get you a faster responce.

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