Game Ideas Please!

Hey everyone!

I am in need of game ideas, as I’m learning to make a game!
I really cannot think of any, I can’t just copy a game.

I need to make it original, that’s why I’m here to ask you!


There are a lot of topics about game ideas so I recommend using the search feature. I do understand that you don’t want to copy anyone else’s idea.
You could try thinking about the games you like and try putting 2 ideas together to make a very unique one. What I do when thinking about ideas is not just sitting down and focusing on ideas. What I usually do is just go along with my day and as random ideas pop into my head I just write them down somewhere. Then later I just improve the idea I already had until I have an idea that I want to make final.

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Yes she is right, you should try to combine 2 games you like into one, that is how I started development on a game I’m working on right now, I combined 2 game styles I loved, to make it one good game

Are you an experienced developer if so you could make a U-Boat hunter game i’ve been looking for one on roblox for awhile and have not been satisfied.

If you are not very experienced start with something simpler such as a infinite runner or a exploration game.


My game idea:

Game name: Atlantis Story

Place where the game is played: Island/Atlantis

About game:

The player is a famous explorer who has already discovered many places. This time his good friend in search of Atlantis went missing unexpectedly. When the player learns that his friend has disappeared, he decides to find him. To this end, he sets off on a research expedition to find the lost Atlantis and explain the mysterious disappearance of his friend. However, he does not know what obstacles he will encounter on his way. During the adventure, he will have to face various monsters that are waiting for their next victims. When the player defeats the monsters, he is waiting for the last fight with the boss, which, as it turns out later, has kidnapped his friend. Eventually, the player defeats the evil boss and I find a friend. A friend explains to him what exactly happened and how he was kidnapped during his journey. He also says that while he was held by the evil boss, he accidentally heard where Atlantis was. At this point, the player gets a map and must go to the place where Atlantis lies. They have little water and food left, so they have to hurry. When they reach their destination, they find what they were looking for, i.e. the lost Atlantis, which has been hiding in the depths of the ocean for centuries. They are welcomed in Atlantis by the local people and they tell what happened to Atlantis that made it disappear. Player can explore the beautfull world of Atlantis and The End.

Okay so this is my idea. Cool or not? Idk. It’s your choice.

You can do:

  • Use my idea

You must do:

  • Give me a credit.

You can’t said:

  • This idea made by me.

I hope I helped you :smiley:


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