Game Image Thumbnails Are Free

I thought badges were free for some reason :man_shrugging:

Thank you. I just spent 10 R$ on a thumbnail recently :sweat_smile:

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it’s fREE!

In all seriousness, I’m glad Roblox is trying to be more developer friendly. Although it’s only about ten cents for ten robux, it’s still a step in the right direction for users who are unable to get robux.


Sweet good update.

This is something that will really make Roblox’s better. A few incidents will was made up for with the creative minds that will soon be seen on the front page! This is truly a step in the right direction.

are you guys over at roblox possibly going to be lowering the cost of other things too?

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Nice, this will help get rid of the too-common default thumbnails and give new devs freedom. This will promote the artistic side of Roblox and help devs discover what they really want to do.

This was likely a very small revenue source for Roblox. I expect that revenue will grow in other ways due to more attractive games in the near future. Even if it’s 1 million bad games lol


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