Game Improvement Ideas

I made this game a little while ago, and it is the most successful I have made so far, from only 4K visits it made 3.6K Robux.

I stopped advertising because I feel that it’s lacking gameplay, and wouldn’t hold players long term, so I’m asking for advice on how to improve game mechanics.

I don’t want advice on minor things, like improving lobby, UI, etc. All those minor polishes naturally will be done, but what I’m asking, is ideas on how to improve/change the main gameplay loop, to engage players long term, have them coming back to the game.

Marco, Polo, Bang! [ALPHA] - Roblox

P.S. Since I don’t advertise and there are no players, you will only be able to play with NPCs. You will always be the seeker, and NPCs will hide.
When there are players, only one player is the seeker, and other player just have to hide and survive until time runs out to win.


You definitely should scrap the whole “killed survivors becoming the monster” thing as it ruins the whole gist of there being one scary monster hunting the survivors down. I mean, seeing multiple of the same monster running around would just desensitize me in the horror factor. There should definitely be a spectate mode, though (and players killed by the monster go into spectate mode).
I find it quite bad that the players have no way of escaping the monster once he finds them hiding in a room. More escape routes from each room would make the whole experience a lot better. It would most definitely make you feel more accomplished once you’ve escaped the monster.
I don’t really know if you already did this, but add a sprinting system for the survivors so that they can escape and quite possibly dodge the monster’s bullets.
I also find it quite boring that there’s nothing to do while hiding from the monster, so maybe add some collectibles or coins so the players can buy more things.
I also don’t see the need for a level system unless there are weapons and stuff that are locked behind a certain level or something. It also doesn’t help due to the fact that only the monster can obtain exp, so having a way of obtaining exp for the survivors (maybe doing a task inside the map, succesfully escaping the monster, etc) would make the game less boring because the players have something to do.
I hope this helps!

Note: by escaping I mean by getting out of a room once the monster has you in it, or getting away from the monster in general.


Level system is there to acknowledge long-term player commitment, who will be able to flex that they have been playing for long, and will have a proof for that - their level.
Regular players also earn XP at the end of each round, regardless of the outcome. However if they survived, they are rewarded more XP.

Most other feedback is valid and will be taken into consideration, thanks.