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There are 5 teams in Prison Life V3, consisting of the Warden, Guards, Inmates, Criminals and Spectators

Information about each teams

Warden: There can only be one warden per server. Any Guard above level 8 can be a Warden by going into the Warden’s office. Wardens can get 2 exclusive weapons, the G36C, and the Deagle. The warden can vote kick people (needing 2/3 of the server to say yes), send annoucements via microphone at the table, give out bonus exp, and pardon guards that have killed innocent inmates

Guards: Guards (otherwise known as police) protect the prison on incoming criminal attacks. They also keep inmates in place and prevent them from escaping and making riots. Killing 2 Inmates without a reason will make you an Inmate.

Inmates: Inmates (otherwise known as prisoners) are usauly the most played team. Inmates try to escape and cause riots. Escaping will turn inmates into criminals.

Criminals: Criminals are escaped inmates. Criminals have three spawns, the Main Spawn, Criminal Port, or the Mafia base. They cannot wear riot gear including the shield and Panzerfaust.

Spectators: Spectators are generaly staff but also can be devolopers as well. They are admins and should not be messed with. Spectators can open all types of doors and cannot be killed, tazed or arrested!

There are 5 different spawn point in Prison Life V3, 2 for the guard team and 3 for the criminal team. They are all accessible trhough in-game settings.

Everything about every spawns
  1. Guard Spawns:

2.Armory 1:* Armory 1 is the main armory that all guards spawn off in (unless changed in settings). Armory 1 has the MP5SD, Bag, M9, UZI, Medkit, Remington 870, Riot Police Gear (incuding hats), Guard Outfit (including hat), MG4, FAMAS, Panzerfaust, Remington 700, M4A1, Riot Shield, IA2, and First Aid Kit . Armory 1 consist of a Surveillance Room, a stairway to the roof (Roof Access), and a Break room, leading to the front. Armory 2: Armory 2 consists of MP5SD, Bag, M9, UZI, Medkit, Remington 870, Riot Police Gear (incuding hats), Guard Outfit (including hat), MG4, FAMAS, Panzerfaust, Remington 700, HK416, Riot Shield, IA2, and First Aid, but without Roof Access and the MP5SD and Bag.

List item

Criminal Spawns:

3.Default:* The Default Spawn is the main criminal spawn from the original spawn. The spawn consists of a helipad along with AK47, Remington 870, C4 Explosive, FAL, RPG-7, Bulletproof Vest, First Aid, Medkit, Bag, and MP5SD Cargo Site: The Cargo Site sits right next to the Default criminal base. The Cargo Site base has RPG-7, First Aid, Medkit, AK47, Remington 870, C4 Explosive, FAL, M82, and Bulletproof Vest Mafia Base The Mafia Base is the most poppular base, having an arsenal of weapons. It contains Scar, SPAS-12, RPG-7, FAL, C4 Explosive, AK47, Remington 870, First Aid, Medkit, Minigun, and Bulletproof Vest . The base also has 2 security camera computers.

There are 3 different armor avaible when owning a gamepass in prison life V3.

All 3 armors

Guard Armor:

Riot Police: Also called SWAT Vest. The Riot Police armor gives you an extra 50 HP, a total of 150 HP. The Riot Police also gives you SWAT clothes. You can find this at both Guard Armories.

Warden Armor: Warden Armor can be obtained by being the warden. It has the same HP as Riot Police, giving 50+ HP, for a total of 150 HP in total

Criminal Armors:

Bulletproof Vest: The Bulletproof Vest gives you an extra 50 HP (same as the Riot Police Vest), a total of 150 HP. The Bulletproof Vest can be found at all Criminal bases

Heavy Vest: The Heavy Vest (Brown Bulletproof Vest) can be found at the gunstore. It gives an extra 70 HP, the strongest armor, which is a total of 170 HP.

Loot Boxes:
Situated in the prison mainly, these lootboxes are giving you free stuff when you click on them.

About lootboxes

Crafting Lootboxes: Crafting Lootboxes contain 2 or 3 of any crafting materials. Crafting Lootboxes can be found in the kitchen at the cafeteria. There is also one in the Laundry Room

Weapon Lootboxes: Weapon Lootboxes can be found in the Storage Room, behind the prison and inside the Laundry room. They contain the M9, Glock-17, Remington 870, M4A1, FAL, MP5SD, and FN P90 . Weapon Lootboxes have a chance of giving a free FAL and the exclusive FN P90.

Airdrops are boxes that drop from the sky, they have a 50% chance of spawning during Freetime or Yardtime… or you can spawn them via telephone boxes (premium feature) There are three diffrent types of Airdrops, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 . Unbeknownst to people, Premium-Spawned Airdrops and Scheduled Airdrops are both differnt. All airdrops have a 33.33% of getting any weapons and tiers (super RNG).

All types of lootboxes

Premium-Spawned Airdrops

Tier 1: MP5D, AK47, DB
Tier 2: Remington 870, M4A1, RPG-7
Tier 3: FAL, G36C, FAMAS

Scheduled Airdrops

Tier 1: Glock-17, AK47, DB, MP5SD, M82
Tier 2: Remington 870, Minigun, RPG-7, SPAS
Tier 3: G36C, SCAR, FAl, FAMAS

TIP: Scheduled Airdrops can still give you gamepass weapons, even if you don’t have it

There are 10 vehicles in the game: Sedan, Patrol, Van, Truck, Jeep, ATV, Humvee, SWAT Van, Muscle, and the Helicopter.

All vehicles

Sedan: The Sedan is a basic car, being perfectly balanced. The Sedan has 4 seats and can go up to 70 Speed.

Patrol: The Patrol is a Sedan that has a siren. It is slightly faster than the Sedan (I forgot speed, i check later)

Van: The Van has 8 seats, perfect for storming the prison. The Van can go up to 65 MPH and can be unlocked at level 3.

Truck: The Truck has 9 seats, it can be unlocked at level 5. It can go up to 70 Speed.

Jeep: The Jeep is a very fast car, maxing out at 90. It has 4 seats, perfect for casual transportation. It can be unlocked by buying the Heavy Gamepass

ATV: The ATV is the 2nd fastest vehicle, maxing out at 100 Speed. The ATV only has 2 seats.

Humvee: The Humvee can be unlocked by buying the Riot Police Gamepass. The Humvee cannot be spawned in by a car menu, it can only be spawned in the back of the prison. The Humvee has 5 seats, including the Gunner Seat. The Gunner Seat allows the gunner to use the M2 Browning.

SWAT Van: The SWAT Van can be unlocked by buying the Riot Police Gamepass, same as the Humvee. It is often left out because people use the Humvee more. The SWAT Van has 8 seats (PS. tell me if im wrong). The SWAT Van comes with sirens.

Muscle: No information avaible for now :wink:

Helicopter: The Helicopter has 5 seats. It can be unlocked by reaching level 10. It can be spawned on the roof of Armory 1. It can go up to 70 Speed (PS. tell me if im wrong).

Gamepasses gives the buyer exclusive features, you can open the list below.

All gamepasses

Premium: The Premium gives access to all gamepasses aswell as a upcoming features and Premium Chattag, FirstAid Kit and Bullet Colors. It can be purchased for 400 robux. Best deal!

Mafia Access: The Mafia Access Gamepass can be purchased for 100 robux. It grants you The FAL, RPG-7, Panzerfaust, The Bulletproof Vest and The ATV

Shield & Armor: The Shield & Armor comes with a shield that blocks 90% of incoming damage (can be destoryed) and Riot Police Armor. As a bonus, this gamepass also comes with the SWAT Van. All for 100 robux.

Heavy Weaponry Pack: The Heavy Weaponry Pack is a very good gamepass, coming with the FAMAS, MG4, The Minigun, The Jeep and The Humvee (comes with the M2 Browning. This gamepass costs 150 robux.

Paratrooper Equipment: The Paratrooper Equipment is the cheapest gamepass, costing 45 robux. It comes with a parachute which can be deployed in the air, pressing “E”. It also comes with the MP5SD.

Remove Head: The Remove Head gamepass costs 100 robux. It only gives you the feature to make your head gone. (Head Hitbox is still there)

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