Game instances list not showing up on non-root places in the universe

I’ve recently discovered an issue with the Roblox API when I was messing up with it. It mainly bases on the game instances list api (!/Games/get_v1_games_placeId_servers_serverType ) which is not showing the server list for non-root places in the universe.

Also I think it is unnecessary to hold the “sortOrder” query as it is only one and seems to be pretty random (maybe basing on some algorithm which is unknown to us). I still feel like there is no sense to keep it like it is and it could be removed.

Description of bug

Games API shows up empty array instead of the real game instances when checking a place which is a non-root place in the universe.


The bug happens always. I know a game which is pretty popular and it uses separate places for specific game modes and maps.

You may use this place for example: MMC Zombies Project - Roblox .

PS: You may use this API to get other places of this game and check them also -


  • Where does the bug happen (www, gametest, etc) Is it level-specific? Is it game specific? Please post a link to the place that exhibits the issue.!/Games/get_v1_games_placeId_servers_serverType
and the place webpage probably

Thanks for taking a look into that! :grin:


Any updates on this? I might be getting a similar issue. When checking running instances the non-root place which is the primary place for out gameplay is showing as not having any running servers even though the page shows as having active players. The root place also shows the same number of active players but no server instances running.