Game is randomly crashing

For some reason at seemingly random intervals large quantities of players are having their roblox app closed instantly for no reason?

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could be the new roblox issue, or you could have something in ur code

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Your game, or someone else’s, or is this something you’ve got proof that a whole bunch of people are reporting the Roblox app crashing?

You gotta be specific.

Since you’re posting in the scripting support forum I’m going to guess that you’ve had reports of your game crashing.
Without a proper description, or some troubleshooting that you’ve done to find out what script is causing the crash we can’t help.

Take a look at your game stats while playing to see if you get massive lag spikes that would cause this, and note what’s occurring when the spikes happen. Then you can get to work on finding the source of the issue.

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Its my game crashing and yes I can confirm its happening on a wide scale and my game has about average optimization although some people say its very laggy (its only I’d say 1/20-30 people saying its laggy)

as for what I’ve done about i haven’t done anything as it randomly started happening one day and I didn’t change any scripts nor did I update the game on that day and its hard to even test it as it is quite literally random and there seems to be no pattern or warning its gonna happen outside of players being booted from the game

maybe there are exploiters lagging the game make sure functions which cause lag spikes have relevent cooldowns.

My game is relatively exploiter protected and I heavily doubt it is an exploiter due to how random they are as they occur to players in all time zones

I didn’t see my Roblox close instantly before, however I’ve seen it being basically unplayable on some devices. It’ll switch between 2 frames rapidly, not respond and show a blackscreen after waiting for a couple of seconds. I think this is because of some roblox updates, as this has never happened to me before.