Game Jam [Closed]

The Game Jam
Hi there! I want to organize a game jam! First of all sorry if this isn’t the right category, but I don’t have access to discussion yet.

The Most Imporant Notes

  • The most important rule and why I organise the game jam is: Be creative. I don’t reccomend making a simulator or a game that already exist on Roblox, but it’s allowed.

  • You may have a team of max. 8 players.

  • You have 1 month to complete this (July 7), make whatever you can in 1 month, I don’t expect very big games that takes 6 or more months to make, small games are good.

  • Have fun! Just have fun making the game! This’ the most important.

The Price
Please don’t compete if you only make the game because of robux, I just want you to have fun making it! However, there’s a small price. I’ll give 500 robux to the winner, but this’ just a side price. The main price is that you have a great game and you enjoyed making it!

How to compete and show your game?
You can compete by saying that you want to compete at under Twitter tweet:

You can compete every time, but I would reccomend competing soon as possible, so you have more time.

If you completed the game, message me the game by Discord.

Discord: IggyDev#5265

I really hope some of you that compete make creative games!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you compete! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m editing this post because for some reason i can’t reply


Firstly, this is in the wrong place. It belongs in #collaboration … making a FUNCTIONING game in 3 weeks with a max of 4 players.Secondly, You would need GOOD active teammates, you’d need to spent nearly EVERYDAY on the game design, making, testing etc. furthermore, 500 robux (5 dollars) they receive when they could be spending those 3 weeks on 3 different project and earn upwards of 15k? I think you should change it to making a certain item/theme/object in a small place and compete with other players because this idea is unrealistic.

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I’ve moved this to bulletin board. Please read a category’s guidelines before posting in it.

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Thanks for letting me know this, I will delay the time it has to be done. I don’t have a lot more then 500 robux to spend on this, but I will change it.

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