Game just shows a black screen

I just wanted my game to work before its release

When I load in game it shows a black screen nothing else

I can’t find a way to fix it.

Anyone else have this issue?

Did you have any UI’s that could’ve caused this black screen and if you took something from the toolbox, have you checked the scripts that were placed into your game? Most of the time, it’s either because of that or just a problem on your side.

If it’s not a script, maybe you should try re-installing Roblox Studio and see if it works from there.

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Nope we don’t have any UI’s in the game only on serving carts/baggage systems.

That’s odd, is anybody else on the development team (if there is one) getting this aswell?

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Yeah someone did something and now its fixed, I have no idea what the issue was and have no idea what they did lol.

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And its back for some reason idk why I keep trying everything

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Do you think it could be a model with a script inside to make a UI?

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