Game keeps crashing

So my game has been experiencing crashes. Some player joined the new game I’m working on and told me he was “exploiting it”

I’ve gotten the game secured from rightweld grip exploit. Got it placed in both, SecureScriptService + Workspace.

Along with that we use HD Admin, so I can’t see how they could be crashing it using the “;clean” command. Everytime they do this I’m not in game so I’m having trouble figuring out what the problem is.

Has anybody else had this problem and possibly know a solution?

Here’s a link to my game for reference:!/game-instances

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The crashes don’t happen all too often. One of my moderator’s reported 2-4 crashes within 1 hour this morning, we can’t seem to link a problem. Some believe it’s when soldiers are doing “jacks” the chat is causing it to crash, but I’m not certain how this could be possible.

The crashes haven’t affected the game too much for me personally revenue wise - but it does seem to upset the players quite a bit.


If that’s only been happening today, then there might be a problem in roblox, I’ve crashed about 5 times earlier in a couple games.

I truly hope so - I heard a player report they crashed in my new simulator game which utilizes low-poly builds so I couldn’t see why this would be happening.

I’ll let it ride out for a couple more days and see if it continues, I’ll write another post (hopefully with more detail) if it continues. Thanks for the input @rokec123 !

Games can still be crashed multiple ways, the common place is the SayMessageRequest remote function, its part of the roblox chat system. Check your remotes and monitor memory, you could just have a memory leak however that would happen in more of a consistent manner.

This is based of what do you mean by crash, if its that roblox player will get terminated, then its roblox bug and it will be good idea to report it.

Sorry for the late response guys! Apparently after I spoke with my staff they reported it would say “internet connection failed - try again later.”

Not sure if it’s an exploiter at that point, if anybody could help clear up if this is a ROBLOX Engine bug?

Try streaming enabled if it is a bigger game.

I’ve done this and no shutdowns have been reported to me so far! We’ll ride this out and see if it’s a fix! Thanks. I’ll be sure to mark it is a solution once I’m certain it has resolved this issue.

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Im having the same issue with one of my side projects.
Any solutions to this yet?