Game launch has flopped

So i’ve launched my game about 8 hours ago.
And it barely got to 230+ visits. I’ve put 2k on advertisement bid, and 1k on sponsored ads.
Here’s the game link: [ALPHA] Elevation - Roblox

What do you think should be my next move?
Do i continue or do i call it as a flop and give up?


Im playing it now but from the game page it took you 9 days to make?? Sounds kinda short.


at least

God please look at the words at least. Cmon you investment 3k into it so you could have cought that.

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Final Response
Ill give you 2 responses. Their is a lot of criticism so you can make the game better.

Developer P.O.V.

  1. I can see the other stages from my current stage.
  2. Idea isn’t original, just check out speed run 4 and you’ll see what i mean.
  3. Part count, How many parts are in there? When you expand the count goes up and so does the lag.

Player P.O.V.

  1. Why are there so many gamepasses?? Why do i spend my money on a game i just got into?
  2. The music gets repetitive and goes on and on. It gets annoying so I turned my volume off after a few mins.

Fix that and I fell like it would be worth 3k. But jeez 3k is a lot man, maybe you should have made a demo and getting opinions before spending 3k.


I have play-tested the game and made it through all 10 rounds in its current state (at the time of this post).

There are a few key issues that I have identified with the game that may explain its lack of player traffic:

  • The game seems pretty unoriginal and like previous users have suggested, is akin to Speed Run 4.
  • The game lacks features for user retention. Which in this day and age, teeters on the edge of travesty. After the 10 rounds are complete, what does the user do then?

The game runs smoothly for me, but it just doesn’t feel competitive to ROBLOX’s ecosystem of games. When so many other games are out there that are easily more enticing or entertaining than this one, unless you somehow manage to pull off a miracle and market your game extremely effectively, your game will be a hard sell for many users on the platform. Earning back revenue for advertising at that point would be untenable as the game struggles with having enough meaningful content to retain users into an active community.

I won’t tell you to give up or continue: that is a decision that you have to make yourself based on what you feel is the right course of action.

It was a good effort for a first game, keep up the good work and don’t be discouraged by your losses or deficits. Use this as an opportunity to grow and learn. :+1:


Game should have its own sense of gameplay, That makes it more unique than the other games.

  • Try adding Missions or a Quest Master that would give you missions like finish a certain amount of levels or collect a certain amount of coins.

  • Like the others said you should have made a Post before Advertising it to get Community Feedback if it would succeed,

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Sorry, but I have to give you feedback. These are the things I spotted wrong with the game:

  • The UI is dry and bad quality, maybe make the UI more vivid.
  • The gameplay barley ran smooth on my laptop, I know its my laptop that can barley run things but that would be your Ideal goal to make it compatible for all users.
  • It’s just a remake of Speed Run, make it unique, add levels for each player… quests… have them get daily rewards, and even add a round system to boost your game quality.

Things I think you did wrong in the process:

  • Advertise your game before asking others if it’s good enough to advertise and possibly profit.
  • Spend 9 days on it, did you get it from a Youtube tutorial or Free Model? Just wondering. If not, thats still not even enough time to go over your game, check over bugs, make sure its good in quality etc.

That’s all I got tbh, maybe you’ll learn from this experience and make a game top-quality that could succeed :+1:

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I played the game, the map is pretty cool and all and the thematic is something is not that used as others like Simulators or etc. Anyway, I’ve to say that you should make better your GUI and spend time to see and spot bugs or just see if the game is good in mechanics, gameplay and more!

Some feedback I could give you:

  • Map: Right now the map is kinda wacky but pretty cool, I can see other stages from my current stages, etc.
  • GUIs: Yep, the GUIs plays a REALLY big role on your game so if you have bad GUIs that aren’t really eye-catching or friendly with the players believe me, you will make the people to leave your game in the first 3 sec.
  • Programming: Good enough, nothing really interesting but I think you could add some cool features, etc.

Anyway, I’ve to say to @B_rnz that I just spend 1 day on my games to literally build all the map!! I’m not a really big fan of spend time on a map that could be done in less than 9 - 10hrs of work… Anyway, it depends a LOT on the skill level of the person too. I don’t say that I’m a super expert but I know in what am I good and where I fail.

Yes, I made a simulator map in 1 day bro. All from 0 to hero:

Well, I hope the feedback helps you. The better tip I can give you is to not sponsor or put robux into ads or anything before asking for feedback about your game and etc and actually have in mind if it’s gonna get you back your initial inversion!

Have a good day / night and wish you the best!

  • @Lil_SharkyBoy

Thank you so much for your feedback! I hope we could work together some day.

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There are a few issues that i have encountered whilst playing the game myself:

  • Maps are poorly optimized, I can see different floors when I face their direction which forces my device to render all of the maps/floors at once even when I’m nowhere near it. Have you tried looking into StreamingEnabled?

  • Movement is kind of bland, you should try adding different features like double jumping, parkour, tricks etc, and possibly even a way to interact with your environment to establish a more unique feel to the gameplay

  • You should really consider re-designing the GUI, I’m not much of a GUI Wizard but all I can say is that the sizes and positions are a bit… asymmetrical?

  • Finished the game in a matter of minutes, got bored since there was nothing left to do. Add more maps and interesting features… I guess…

The game may have lots of flaws and shortcomings but don’t be discouraged! It still has plenty of room for improvement. Not to mention it is only in its ALPHA stage. Maybe this game might even make it to the front page if you work hard enough!

Would love to play again if you do plan on continuing. <3

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Jeez I got more visits by word of mouth. But it is to be expected for only 3k in ads. If you want a ton of players you need at least 10k.

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HI im finish the game and its the best obby is so fun


thankyou for playing the game!

I wouldn’t recommend giving up or leaving your project that’s currently still being worked on, since it’s still in alpha try to not throw 10k on ads or sponsors since there isn’t much stages and like I said above it’s still more being added. I won’t just give up on a project you worked on continue to develop more work and see what you can do to bring your audience back into playing your game.

While joining the game your game features a “speed run 3-4” theme the gameplay is nice however I’ve had a few errors when getting stuck in different stages. Regarding the UI there quite simplistic and basic in my personal opinion? I feel like you could add some sort of tutorial or missions - quests something that could be added.

Maybe add badges that they’ll have to achieve something like completing 5 stages or collecting enough coins something along those too lines you could use if it’s ever needed. Overall, good i would recommend spending 10k on ads once it’s fully finished don’t throw it all down now continue to add props and better UI designs. :upside_down_face:

I agree with everyone with the post, that there is a lot of bugs and weird things that need to be fixed. However, a single thing to add on to myself. 2K on advertisments will not get you more than 60 ccu players on the first day, even if its the best game on roblox mechanics wise. Also, 12/15 on ratings is not a score a average game should get.


For a start to make an impression on roblox you will need to be paying far more than 3k in total for ads as this will not get you far, I normally never go lower than 5k for an ad as this will always return a nice number of impressions and hopefully a good number of clicks.
You should also review the CTR on your ad, you should always be aiming to have a CTR over 1. If your CTR is below 1 I would highly suggest redoing your ads to make them more enticing to a prospective player


The game is pretty good. Its a lot like Speed Run 4.

One recommendation: make a post asking for feedback before you spend 3k on ads. Most of the issues I have found could have been caught earlier by people who give feedback on it, and then your game would have probably been successful.

Here are the problems I found:
  • All of these buttons are slightly different sizes. I would suggest looking into UIGridLayout to perfectly size and positions your UI objects.
  • There are two different arrow icons. The second one is stretched.
    image image
  • I can see the skybox at the end. Either using Atmoshphere instead of fog or swapping out the skybox would fix this.
  • I wouldn’t suggest having this (at least the wait 10 seconds part). It just makes the game seem unprofessional.
  • The eggs have huge hitboxes.

    The clouds are… odd.

But overall, the game is actually pretty good. The building and the game thumbnails are good as well. The UIs are bad but they could easily be fixed within a few hours. Great job!

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Here is a tip.
The coin noises can be very irritating and the main music should be longer on the 1st stage.

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Hi there!
I like the texture for the floor in the picture may I ask for the link for it?