Game Leaderboards are completely broken

I am awarding player points in my game, but the leaderboards on the website are not updating at all to reflect the player points earned by players. They are completely blank all the time.


How long have you been awarding points? Can you post the code you’re using to award points? Is this happening with all games, or just yours? If it’s just yours, engineers will need a link to the game or else there’s nothing they can really do about it.

I’m not sure of any other games that still award player points so I don’t know if this is affecting other games.

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I’m having the same issue on all games. About a week ago I disappeared from my #1 spot on Traffic Rush, even though I hadn’t lost any points and my clan was still #1 as well. Not sure if that’s related, though.

EDIT: It seems that Past Month and All Time results still show the leaderboard. I’m still not on it though.

Player points were great for like the two months that the Clan event happened and everyone rushed to gain points. But now they are dead, and are basically just taking up space in my opinion. I am curious how you guys use them?

I just award them for in-game performance as a gauge of who the best and most committed players are. If the feature is there I’ll use it, but I do agree they’re pretty dead.

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Having a leaderboard for games on the website is super useful. I hope this gets fixed. I love using it for my games.

(side note: I wish there were a way to clear all playerpoints data for everyone)

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I just generally use them, as Ripull and VitalWinter said, as a way of measuring the success and dedication of the players. It’s really just a glorified leaderboard, but it has 2 distinct advantages. It is visible on the website so you don’t actually have to join the game, and it doesn’t use up valuable DataStore or HTTPService space. Although it would be nice to have a way to display the points leaderboard in-game.

Overall, I agree it does need to get at least some kind of revamp or major improvement.