Game / Legacy Screen Prompt | Now Available

Hello there developers!

I decided to sell (for free) my UI prompt that shows users if they want to keep playing the legacy version of %GAME_NAME% or if they want to play the new game.

This UI can come in handy if you are developing %GAME_NAME_2% and discontinued %GAME_NAME%. The UI is simple, yet effective. If you don’t know what these buttons will do (This is an addition I made to the screen), some text will show what this will do when you hover over a button. Yes will teleport you ASAP to the game you linked it to, and No will simply destroy the screen after a short time.

Please keep the credits, they mean a lot to me, this way I have more hope to create my models and free audio etc.

Here's an example of the screen!

Here are the open-source scripts for some of the scripts. To view more, please get the model itself.

The Yes button when clicked. (Teleport)

-- Made by GabrielquintasYT
-- Be careful editing these scripts!

local id = 1337

-- Do not edit anything beneath this line!

	game:GetService('TeleportService'):Teleport( id, game.Players.LocalPlayer)

This here will not appear in the game, however it is just a fair message to the developer.


This GUI was made by Gabriel (@GabrielquintasYT) in order to give users a better experience.

If you find any issues please reply to the post made in the DevForum.

If you find any %GAME_NAME% or any spaces left behind to edit, then please do so. My GUI's do not present a feature like this.

Thank you!
- Gabriel (@GabrielquintasYT)



If you want to grab the model right now, click here!

Thank you!


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