Game like Da Hood suggestions

Is making a game like da hood worth it ?
Many of them are really bad, i checked every hood games out there, the only ones i kinda liked were ohio and hood heaven but the combat and the gunplay are garbage aswell, the only game with good gunplay was criminality but i didn’t like the combat much and it’s too try hard, i like da hood much more because is more chill

I’m working on a game like that, but the combat and the gunplay is much better, i made the carry drag and stomp mechanics and are already much more responsive than da hood

the reason i’m making this post is because the gameplay loop stays basically the same (break atms, cash registers, few jobs here and there), and the map is gonna be similar BUT there’s actually a skill/ability tree in the game, there are 4 combat styles each one of them with different moves, combos and abilities that you can unlock and also stats increase, you won’t become overpowered like in simulator games but you’ll be slightly advantaged if you put the time to grind, you can reborn aswell to gain +1 ability point for a max of +5 (made this specifically for player retention), melee weapons also have combos and advantages and disadvantage for each one of them you can also become a police officer or create a gang aswell.

Will this game compete with da hood (or even ohio) or the gameplay loop should be different ? i can dump a lot of robux on advertising and sponsorship i can even contact some da hood youtubers to make a video about my game and stuff.

i have many gameplay loops in mind but i’m worried that people will see a wallet tool and alt f4 + dislike the game saying “ooh another da hood clone”

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Then don’t make it a clone, what sets your game apart? Ask yourself that question, then use it to market your game. At least thats how i’d do it.

“Is making a game like da hood worth it ?”
If you have to ask it means you’re only looking for compensation. If you wanna make a game similar do it because you want to, not because of profit.

“Many of them are really bad”
Thats because you’re comparing it to the original game, of course a completely different game wont measure up to the one you’re thinking of.

" the gameplay loop stays basically the same (break atms, cash registers, few jobs here and there)"
Isn’t this exactly what the game is?

“map is gonna be similar BUT there’s actually a skill/ability tree in the game”
Why does the map have to be similar? Why can you just make something unique? And why would a skill/ability tree matter in a game like this anyways? Doesn’t fit.

"Will this game compete with da hood "
No it probably won’t, realistically people play “da hood” because its da hood and not some offbrand game.

Basically make it if you wanna make it, but stop seeking others approval. You should make a game that you personally would play. I mean if you aren’t gonna play your own game then why make one at all. Defeats the purpose.

So basically the game will have the same features, but improved and it’s gonna be more gang focused, the game will actually have some objectives to accomplish in the map, you can do them solo but with the help of a gang you’ll achieve them easier, kinda like a gang turf war, but it’s optional it’s just another way to make money in a more engaging way, the thing i like about da hood is that pvp is just for fun and to troll around, not like in criminality you gain rewards by killing players, this makes it too tryhard imo.

Da hood is the copy of the game the streets but improved, i’m trying to achieve the same thing, if i can reach the popularity of ohio it’s already a huge win for me, ohio didn’t really bring anything to the table, it’s a worse version of da hood imo. I’m gonna keep working on it, the only way to tell if it can compete is to finish the game first and see, also da hood is fuuuull of cheaters there’s not one lobby where you don’t see 2-3 players flying or running like maniacs and also most of the community don’t even like the game much or they just got bored of it, i think people are just looking for something better or something fresh like me.

Nope. A lot of those clones exist, and I don’t think it’s worth making another one. One of the problems of Da Hood is the game’s quality, it sucks. The design and scripting are mainly what I’m talking about (building is ok).

The clones out there are also coded very wrongly and use deprecated stuff (or so I’d assume).

However, the real main issue is that the community your game will have will be toxic 9-year-olds who have fake IDs to use voice chat and scream racial slurs at others. I don’t think anybody wants that, so I don’t recommend you create a game that attracts a community like that.

However, you might be able to make this game design unique and work if:

  • You create the game properly (in terms of scripting and building).

  • Don’t add the wallet tool

  • Don’t add the phone tool

  • Use classic chat, not bubble chat (trust me this one makes a difference)

  • Make police team really OP (not in combat but make them gain lots of cash)

  • DON’T ever allow users to create gangs. This is one of the roots of toxic communities.

  • Don’t make a “stealing” feature (because you don’t have a wallet).

  • A few melee weapons should be for free.

  • Test the game instead of having several bugs (one time i died and couldn’t respawn. well, it happened every time I died in that one special server)

This won’t compete with Da Hood, it would simply be a redesigned, better version (if the above changes are made).

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The day after i replied after a thoughtful consideration, i just changed the whole game design, it’s gonna be totally different, different setting/map, different game loop, it’s gonna be a unique game, i’ve never seen a game like the one i’m designing right now, this post’s replies made me think a lot

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