Game Like / Dislike Popup

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to ensure that all users that enjoy a game click the thumbs up button after playing it. This means that games are likely to get a lower % of thumbs up compared to if the user was asked to give feedback when they leave the game.

I believe Roblox will be able to combat this with a pop-up Window which opens when a user closes the Roblox Player. This popup could request for the user to leave a thumbs up / thumbs down depending on whether they enjoyed your game or not.

If Roblox is able to address your issue, I believe that games will have a better thumbs up %. This is because when a user dislikes a game, they will ensure they click the thumbs down button. However, when a user enjoys the game there is a chance they won’t click the thumbs up button because they don’t need to leave feedback for their experience.


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I feel like if people are going to have this pop up everytime, and they don’t LOVE the game, they’re going to hit the thumbs down everytime. Even if they didn’t hate it, but they also didn’t love it. In my opinion its better to have it out of the way so if people actually really like it or dislike it, they’ll go out of their way to make that vote.


If they play the game more than x time, it should pop up. If you purchase a game pass or dev product it should pop up after playing regardless of time spent.


That’s still bias against users who do genuinely thing it’s a bad game

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I could potentially see this idea working in practice but I don’t believe the concept is fleshed out well in the OP, which it should be.

That aside, while I can support this as a quality of life feature for developers, there is still the issue of this popup needing to be friendly towards players. There is also the issue of the rating system itself.

I feel as though adding on to an already unreliable and relatively abused system is not very helpful at all. While I’d like to see my game rated well and for players to put thought into rating my games, this changes nothing for people who click rating options without a second thought.

That’s not what I meant at all, I’m talking about the prompt appearing.

It’s still bias if you only show it to a select group of users, which you’d be doing by only showing it to people who spend money in the game because obviously they’re gonna like the game more than the average user


Same goes for people who spend money on the game and feel like what they purchased was underwhelming or they feel scammed from their purchase.