Game likes api forbidden

local universeId =[1].id
local likesURL = ""

local likesData = HttpService:GetAsync(likesURL)
local likesDataTable = HttpService:JSONDecode(likesData)

Basically this returns forbidden (error code 403) and I am unsure why. when I print likesURL and copy paste it into the google URL search it returns the right data I am looking for so why doesn’t it work in studio?


(after printing the likesURL and pasting it in google)

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likesURl is misspelled the second time

They are both the same now and it is still erroring

I mean I am trying to access the roproxy domain but get this message:

So there’s probably no problem with your code.

so what do I do? Just wait till we can access roproxy?

I mean, not really sure. I guess.

Why are you showing a different website for the code than the image?
Have you tried changing the code to the website shown in the image local likesURL = ""

Roblox doesn’t let you access its API from itself.

Oh damn, thanks for telling. Well it’s nice to learn something new.

I believe the creator of RoProxy specifically stated that the /games endpoint was closed because server search plugins were using it.

If you want to you can host your own RoProxy using RoProxy Lite.

Edit: Here is the post of the creator stating this:


Ill have a look thanks, is it free?

Yes, it is an open-source GitHub repo.

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