Game LinkedScript LinkedSource Root Changed - NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE!

Roblox recently switched the prefix for game linkedScripts from rbxgameasset://Scripts/scriptname to rbxgameasset://scriptname

All scripts that were referenced using the rbxgameasset://Scripts/scriptname format are now broken, as are the games that reference them.

The same issue exists with images. Images uploaded using the new “bulk upload” feature upload using the rbxgameasset://imagename format, while old images use the rbxgameasset://Images/imagename format. These formats are not interchangeable

Our Incubator project, Vesteria, is completely broken by this change.

We use a LinkedScript called PACKAGEHANDLER to load in all of our game assets from InsertService. As of a couple of hours ago, the reference we have been using for it, “rbxgameasset://Scripts/PACKAGEHANDLER”, no longer works, and it is now located at “rbxgameasset://PACKAGEHANDLER”

As a result, our game is now just a blank screen, and playercount has plummeted:


If your game has been impacted by this, please reply down below.


I decided to not use LinkedSource scripts for my last project because they didn’t seem stable enough (i.e. being reverted at random points). Seeing this doesn’t help my view on the system.


I hope this was an accident or mistake and gets reverted asap.
Developers need to be informed about things like this.

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My game, Redshift Arena, has been 100% broken by this announced change.

Being a single developer, I cannot replace 30-40 scripts per level in my game (around 10 levels so far), alongside 80 different textures per level, without greatly extending the time required to develop my game for the winter featured sort.

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Thanks for the report.

Engineers are actively investigating and will update this topic once the issue has been resolved.