Game loading takes years

When I load into my game it takes a long time. Can having to much terrain effect loading after you press play? I’m currently at school but I will be online later to fix

One question for you, are you on a low end device that can’t really handle high graphics?

Terrain has a deep effect on your CPU as it has to load more volume in at one time. Loading from studio also takes more hardware capacity than loading normal roblox for some reason. What I do with my terrain is hollow out parts underneath the map and where players cant see, usually lowers the memory usage. Higher graphics = Higher render distance which essentially means you need to load a higher volume of terrain as you can see further. Hence why if you lower it, you tend to lag less.

Of course. A simple fix is to enable streaming and set the stream out behavior to low memory.

After I tried this on one of my games, it loaded in less than 10 seconds. Before, it took 400+ seconds.

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