Game Lobby Feedback

So I made this lobby for my game, and I was wondering like how can I improve it?
Any tips or constructive criticism, Feel free to send me some.


Add some bushes, cobblestone paths, a fountain, or maybe some market stalls. Other than that, keep up the great work, you’ll definitely go places if you keep at it!


Looks kind of like the murder mystery lobby.


I’ve kinda took reference off the Murder Mystery lobby just added my own spin to it

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It looks good, but here’s a few suggestions.

  1. Add more detail to the center of the lobby such as the things @Threasto said.
  2. More details on the buildings; the buildings look good right now, but it will look 10x better if you add more detail such as in between the space above the door and two windows on the bright red buildings or the darker blue building on the right side.
  3. While sometimes repeating something is good most the time you’ll want some variety such as the very bright blue building in the back with all the windows. Maybe add some varying sizes to the windows or something else.
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Looking good, but a lack of anything but buildings kind of ruins it. Could be really cool if you made it have paths, shops, etc. Apart from that, a solid 8/10 from me. Good luck on your project, mate. :smile:

It’s pretty basic. There’s not much detail (windowsill, lack of detail on the houses) and it has no centerpiece. You could add paths leading to the centerpiece as well. Also, on the blue house, the windows are closer to the left than the right :+1:

Firstly, you should be proud of what you’ve created so far.
Building anything is a good step, now let’s look to what we can do to build on it.

Firstly, you’ve got a big wide space in the middle, how should we fill this?
I would advise to you maybe creating some paths between all the doors to a central node, if you think of the Murder Mystery 2 Lobby (Old or Current One, I haven’t played in a while).

They have / had paths going round a fountain, and as such that might be something you want to considering with an ornament in the middle the lobby with paths to the houses ect.

Next, you could consider adding some bushes or grass as the Honourable Member @Threasto said.

If your looking to hype up realism here, what I would recommend doing is evening out the gaps between the windows on some of the walls as they look rather uneven right now, and then push the physical glass back into the wall a bit (maybe around .05 or .1 of a stud) for that extra depth.

But apart from that you’ve made a good start and I look forward to seeing what you take of our comments.

Enjoy the build,
T. Haywood


Looks good, but I suggest you add things for the player to do while they’re waiting in the lobby. Add a fun little obby maybe, add some shop stalls the player can interact with, anything that comes to mind.