Game Lobby & Matchmaking System

What I am trying to accomplish:
Me and a friend are creating a game based off of the popular FPS “Rainbow Six Siege”. In Siege, you start off in a lobby on your own but can invite friends if you wish. I am trying to recreate this in Roblox.

My thoughts on how to invite friends:
When creating this, I ran into a problem I face a lot. What is that problem? I know the general idea on how to do something but I do not know how to physically do it. Here is what I was thinking.

  1. The games Starter Place is 1 person per server.
  2. Using Roblox’s MessagingService I can send an invite cross server to a friend, while also sending myself to a private server to allow joining.
  3. Then from there go onto matchmaking.

My thoughts on how to matchmake:

  1. Server Host clicks matchmaking button and selects game mode (currently only one).
  2. Somehow find a server that the game hasn’t started yet and tp the players there.

So what I need help with:
That all may be a lot but I just need to understand how I would connect this all up.

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Just fixed that, I meant to put it there in the first place but that didn’t happen.

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Matchmaking might be better supported this year but you really have to use MessagingService or an external service via HTTPService.

Check these relevant posts.

I still don’t fully understand MessagingService, as I only discovered it today while doing research on how to go about this. I referred to this article which is now all of knowledge I have on MessagingService. As for HTTPService I will look in to that right now.