Game logo designing?

Hi, I’m currently in a predicament where I’m ultimately struggling to design a decent logo for my upcoming game: Tales O’ Mythus.

Below are basic // generic versions of the Logo. However, I’m extremely struggling to decide on a style…

The game itself is fantasy / victorian based - but I can’t figure out ANY design :confused:


I immediately prefer the first one due to details that are hard to describe. However, the “tales o’” part is just a bit difficult to read with its small size in comparison to the black block. I would suggest giving the top text a thicker stroke to make it more readable, raise it up a bit, or space out the letters, more.

Finally, you can see in the first image that a small sliver of the black block can be seen on the right side of the “s” in “Mythus.” I would trim that, and perhaps even trim the other sliver in the “M.”

Hope this helped!

They both look cool, the first one fits more.

These both look :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I would say it’s easier to make the ultimate decision once you have your background sorted. Please do update us and show us what other ideas you’re planning to implement :slight_smile:

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That looks amazing, good work!

Judging by the looks it looks like a medieval design, if that’s what you are going for, then great! The colour scheme isn’t really that great. A dirty, brownish look to it would be nice:

not the best, just an idea

It looks really good just fill in the white background with something else it is kind of bland.Keep Up The Great Work!:smiley:

The intention atm is it being a base image so I can put it over other images itself, it’s gonna be the logo of the game itself

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Final version // Latest

The improvement is great! This most recent version is definitely my most favorite, and most usable at least in my opinion.