Game Logo Feedback

I made this logo for Dungeon Quest as a fan art and need some feedback on how it looks like.



If you drew those, then that’s absolutely insane!
Still decent even if it’s made with cliparts.

You drew that by hand?
Amazing detail!
I have see some few problems that you can fix if you want too.

  • It’s not a high quality image.
    Don’t really have high quality, if it did it would just be 10% better and you can see the details a lot more better.

    There’s so much stuff going on the icon, it’s kinda hard to see the title, simplify it a bit.

  • Very blurry.
    I mean the blur is just too much I mean I get the background need to be blur so people can focus on the title but you made the outline blurry too so it’s kinda hard to see.

And I mean you’re drawing is INCREDIBLE!
Congratulations on the icon you must be really professional artist, and good luck with your “Dungeon Quest” game. :smiley:

It’s too good. I’m completely speechless :eyes:

but its kind of low quality and blury

I am in shock. If you’re not already doing commissions, it’s time for you to begin. This is incredible. Great job!

This looks cool but i feel like as if theres too much going on.
The background is cool but i don’t think the logo should be in the blurred background, would look better without that and i also feel like there’s a lot going on in the background.

The quality could also be a bit better but other then that i think it looks sick, well done!

I’ve used a screenshot I took with snipping tool, so I re-uploaded a saved file version that’ll make the quality better hopefully.

Thank you! I use Photoshop for everything :slight_smile:

I uploaded a newer version without the blurred logo at the back and made the quality a bit better hopefully. My eyesight is extremely terrible so if the quality came out worse, then I apologize!

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I have reduced the blur and made some slight changes, I have extremely poor eyesight so I apologize for any bad quality areas. But I appreciate your feedback!


Awesome Picture

I have a few things that I do not like about it.

  • Background
    The background looks amazing, but there is way too much stuff going on! It is a little distracting from the game title!

  • The Blur
    There is a little too much blur in the background. Maybe remove some of the blur so it can be more clearer as it’s very blurry!

  • Image quality
    The image looks amazing, but the quality isn’t super good, maybe make the quality higher.

I love this picture and I think you did a great job!

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That’s FANART??? It looks amazing!


Thank you, I appreciate the compliment! :smile:

Already looks a lot better, good job!

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Very good drawing. The stuff around the text makes it more difficult to read.