Game logo help!

I made a game, and I am happy with it, but the logo is really, really bad. I sponsored it, and the CTR was only 0.15%. This is my current logo:
This is my game:
What would be a better logo for my game?


Your ad doesn’t look fun. The baseplate seems kind of empty as well.
Add more to your game, make it interesting and fun. Add an obby and other things to do.
Have someone create an ad for you and then run it. If you knew it was bad, why sponsor? Change some things and try again :+1:


Yea, and use blender and make a GFX or an Icon it will look fun

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Using something like GFX will make it look better, if you don’t know how to do GFX there are many tutorials on making GFX you can follow them if you want to learn.

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I disagree with you. People shouldn’t be obligated to make icons solely GFX. Though it doesn’t look professional, it certainly does attract people who are looking for a break from the same simulator garbage with colourful yet often meaningless icons that jump out at you with bold text, they’re almost like shovelware. Break Things itself is a very unique game compared to many other games on ROBLOX today, and I think the icon Lostcrews13 made perfectly suits it. It doesn’t have text, it doesn’t excessively jump out at you, and most importantly, it conveys its original meaning without any other distraction. If anything, I think what Lostscrews13 should be focusing on is improving the game. Marketting doesn’t matter when your game is a hidden gem.

Adding on, many people on ROBLOX do meaningless things on meaningless logos and thumbnails…A roblox character waving with expensive hats and items, why did that catch on…!? Instances of this are shown below:
image image image image
As you can see, you would immediately be able to tell the logos belong to some kind of overpriced gamepass rank selling cafe group. It’s just become the annoying norm of Roblox and I try my best to ignore it, but ya see it every day. (The last one isn’t related to the topic, it’s just funny how something named “Gay Cafe” can exist on roblox)

Also, it is to note that some popular games have non-GFX logos, such as Lumber Tycoon 2 or Bloxburg.
image image
Yes, I know. The character in the Bloxburg logo is waving, and the LT2 logo is slightly editted, but that doesn’t matter. The characters are in frame, they don’t follow any specific trend and such, they just match their game and I respect that. They’re memorable, and that’s what I think is important about game logos.


This is your opinion and it’s ok To disagree it’s the internet.
Let me rephrase some: his ad looks cheap, it’s a simple screenshot and this can be seen as a laziness or lack of funds. Either of this leads to his game appearing less fun

Those games succeed because they have artists creating them, they look professional and well made and the game will have something instead of an empty baseplate which is literally shown. The way his character looks feels like a factor as well but I don’t have a reason for that.

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Sponsoring a game isn’t really a good approach with the recent changes that been made, at the moment developers are currently receiving low ‘CTR’ since the new changes that where made are making them show up less. I would consider putting your money into advertising your game or logo how much have you put into sponsoring?

The logo isn’t attractive if it’s related to breaking things - include more characters hitting different elements, there are image that will give you a better understanding on what to include in a game logo/thumbnail. Add small information something that will give players a thought on why should I play this what is the game about.

While it does have a user breaking a glass window, it doesn’t feature it’s other elements related to breaking things there are many ways to improve an logo. Perhaps include variety of characters smashing and breaking many objects.

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Thank you all for your help. I don’t have much money, so I just spent 12 Robux on the sponsor. Once I remake my logo, I might try again.

Alright, here is a screenshot I got if my game in action:

Should I add words, or change it, or what?

If this is going to be the thumbnail or logo of your game I think text is needed. You could have a text related to what the game is about or include the already planned name within it, telling users what the game is about. If this is going to be the replaced logo for your current game you could probably include another vehicle on the side adding a more interesting look.

I feel like it could at least be more improved since it seems like no text is applied and just a background with a vehicle getting wrecked:

'Here is an example about including another vehicle or other objects'

One thing I can say is that it isn’t good. If you want good looking thumbnails or game icons, I recommend using a 3d modelling program, such as Blender. Other programs such as Cinema 4D are good as well, but usually cost lots of money.

A game icon should show the core of the game, and of what to do. Same for the thumbnails.
If you want help with these, look at tutorials for help.

Like some have already said, add some text. Not only that, but make the screenshot more attractive as well. I don’t mean to take another screenshot. That one already looks good and portrays the game well. But, it looks like an icon of a game from 2010. You should edit it with a software such as Photoshop to improve the lighting and such. If you think you do not have expertise in this, you can always hire someone to do it!


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that looks significantly better

I’ve been updating my game, and it was doing ok, but now its plays are kind of dying off. In my experience, sponsors and ads only get me a few plays, but I am willing to try again. What can I do to boost my gameplays again, or does this mean the game is just boring, and I need to make a new one?

Imo the replayability isn’t there, maybe try making it so that you get a point per thing you break, and add a leaderboard, therefore adding competitiveness and people playing for longer/coming back

I do have a leaderboard and points

oh, ok then, a global leaderboard or just a server one?

Um… the one in the corner of the screen…?

This game is extremely fun and with a bot more appealing building and a better logo, thumbnail and ad I can see it going far! It sucks that people are not appealed to the ad.

I suggest you do GFX as it can make you ad stand out (If you do make sure that any text in the ad looks intresting and not generic) try to put a famous person with the slingshot shooting the glass open, that will increase clicks


Ad 7oyed said, the replayability is minimal, I suggest you add different areas with bigger buildings that give more points and look more satisfying falling down (Try add a falling building inside the ad). I would find myself playing the game for at least an hour if that was the case. Don’t get me wrong, really fun game, Good job!