Game logo / render


I recently started doing gfx. i made a icon for my game. thoughs? its also watermarked so don’t try and steal it.

Please read: if you do logos, can you post your portfolio on your post. looking for a logo designer, thanks!


i like it although a little to bright in the back try lowing it down a bit :grinning: :grinning:

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The sword is surprisingly a bit too hard to see. Maybe try to make it a tad bit darker


its nice except make the background less light and maybe make it orange to contrast with the sword
5/10 make the sword better. too

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Tone down the brightness in the back round and I suggest emphasizing the sword more by making it more noticeable!

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Maybe change the background to make the sword and water mark a bit more visible. Other than that, I think its good.

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I do logos for low prices.

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