Game Logo/Icon Design β€” Branding

Good evening!
I`m opening up commissions to work with game creators in branding their games. I bring 5 years of graphic design experience to the table, both in logo design and in graphic effects. Branding your game is the key to unlocking a relationship with the player. A logo that appeals to players visually will be remembered, raising awareness for your game.

Project Duration: 1 day (Ranges from 2-4 Hours of work)

Logo Development Process:

  1. BRAINSTORMING After getting details on the game, I start brainstorming ideas on a blank composition. This is usually where I adopt a color scheme for the game. Thank you to @TheBadassKetchup and @VineyardVine for letting me use their projects as examples.
    The Final Stand 2 (Re-branded)
    Red Rock Factory (Newly Branded)

  2. FINALIZING After getting feedback, I take the color scheme, game style, and design to create the final composition.

  3. APPLICATION (Which is optional) The game logo is applied to a 3D render, and GFX are added to make a smooth blend between β€œRoblox” and realistic graphics. This is the stage where I create thumbnails, game icons, and adverts.

if you’d like to work together, shoot me a message or add me on discord. Ill usually get back to you within the hour with a quote. Even if you're not interested right now, Id still like to add you to my network of developers and possibly collaborate in the future!



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