Game making very little robux

I finally made my first game, after months of getting it to the point I liked, and and very happy with it!
It’s getting good player counts too, just today it hit 250 active.

But I’m noticing a problem, and that is the amount of robux it’s making. With >100 active, it’s only making ~500 robux a day, where as a friend’s game with only 10 active makes ~600 robux a day.

I assume the main aspect of this is no p2w gamepasses, or ones that give a competitive advantage, but I don’t want to make those, a ton of other football / soccer games have them and I see the developers are doing pretty good for themselves but I want a fair experience.

Are there any other factors as to why the game isn’t making so much?


Its probably because of premium payouts and developer products etc.
Your playerbase doesnt contain premium players


I don’t think so, I asked him and he said most revenue comes from gamepass sales & private server


Nice numbers of players, but what are average playtime and retention? Maybe players don’t get hooked to feel comfortable with investing in the game. Different genres of games also earn different amounts and from different sources.

Also, props for not adding p2w passes.


Average playtime is around 12.8 minutes & retention seems to be what roblox deems as average, always in the middle, sometimes even above the white space which are similar experiences, so I dont think its playtime nor retention those stats seem pretty good to me, but the stickiness is near the bottom of what roblox deems as average so thats the only hint for me.


Either you just need to wait more time for you to get a more dedicated playerbase willing to spend robux on the game OR you need to lower the cost of things like the game passes alongside adding more gamepasses i.e. a bunch more trail gamepasses instead of just one while making gamepasses and their benefits more visible ingame rather just on the shop ui so people are more inclined to see what benefits they would get for buying a gamepass.


Yeah I was thinking about making the gamepasses more visible, but honestly I don’t know how, I don’t wanna bloat the player’s screen with a bunch of gamepass icons and buttons.
I also can’t put any physical podiums that will get too much attention (although i did at the leaderboards but they don’t seem to help) because the game just keeps putting you on the field and makes you focus on the game itself.


First, I’d like to say, congratulations on 250 active players!

Robux earnings depend on multiple factors, such as players with Premium not staying in your game for long, game pass purchases, dev product purchases, private server purchases, and more. These factors can vary, and in one month, you may earn a lot of Robux, while in the next, your earnings may be lower.

It’s important to not compare your game to someone else’s game, as each game is unique and will have different outcomes. Making Robux shouldn’t be your top priority; instead, focus on consistently updating your game and ensuring the happiness of your players and the fairness of your game. Happy players are more likely to keep coming back and supporting your game, which can lead to a solid player base.

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Only 500 robux a day and you had 250 cc players?

I honestly think its because of the following

a) maybe the gamepasses dont offer enough content for players to consider buying it (for example the commentator gamepass like what is that? why would the players feel the need to buy that gamepass?)

b) the gamepasses might not be useful (remember if players dont see the need to buy your gamepass then they wont buy it)

some suggestions for gamepasses

  • 2x stamina
  • More power on shot
  • Goal celebration or an Emote Pack perhaps a toxic emote pack idk up to you

I only played your game for 5 minutes so thats why I only suggested these two. Im sure you can figure it out man

Also do you have a discord? I would love to network with you

My discord tag is:


There are alot of possible explanations, such as:

  • Has your game got useful gamepasses/is it a game that makes you advance faster with gamepasses or without? (I saw that you said the game doesn’t have p2w gamepasses, but still check that out.)
  • Lack of premium players.
  • Is the game enjoyable? Players tend to have less playtime if the game is poorly made.
  • Or maybe its just unluck of the players not buying gamepasses?
  • 500 robux a day is actually sort of normal for a game with around the radius of 150 players.

Hope this helped you!

500 robux a day is normal for a game with 150 cc players???

What the hell how do you know what is the source of that

roblox create page has a thing a analytics

He said on average most games with 150 cc players make 500 robux per day

That is not true and I want a source on that

(On average games with p2w gamepasses make more than f2p.) You said on your previous message, that your game isnt p2w, maybe thats why you aren’t earning much robux. Think about it…

Thank you so much!

I’m definently focused on updating the game, it’s only that seeing small numbers is obviously a little bit demotivating, but other than that this has me really hyped!

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Since then I’ve made some chanced and its avg. about 2k a day now which is amazing!

But like I’ve stated in my post, I don’t want to make gamepasses like 2x stamina or more power, because even though they’d generate a lot of robux, I don’t want to make a P2W experience, the whole purpouse of making this game was a) World Cup hype & b) because I was mad at the quality of other football games & how many players they had with what felt too little effort, or just P2W experiences.

I do have a goal celebration gamepass, and emotes I’ll add in the future.

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Well, here’s a semi-solution to this:

  • I gave it enough time, and people eventually started buying stuff.
  • I monetized the gamepasses better, making them more visible.

That’s pretty much all I did to almost quadruple my earnings!

For anybody with a similar problem, try monetizing gamepasses better, give it more time, give premium benefits, fairly price your passes / products, offer a WIDE variety of stuff to purchase, cheap, expensive, luxury, entry-level, etc.

I wish you all the best of luck with your games!


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