Game Monetization/Revenue Scams

Hi all!

I’m a Roblox game developer & Youtuber and just wanted to make an attempt at raising awareness to a type of scam that is being ran on the platform targeting game developers.
I haven’t followed through with these scams as I don’t want my account to get stolen, so I’m not entirely sure where these people are going with the scams, but it is obvious that it is not legitimate.
Over the past few months, I’ve received numerous messages from users whose usernames are noted as a “report user” in the “Fast Track Reporting Program” when emailing

They describe an apparent recent increase in game revenue, implying that you could be buying / selling Robux offsite. They then proceed to ask you to contact them via discord and continue the scam from there. When checking revenue at the time of these messages, it is apparent that there was no increase in revenue, and in somecases there was even a decrease. Obviously, these player’s don’t have access to your game revenue data anyways.

Here are some screenshots of the Roblox messages & Discord messages that have come from these people.

If anyone has any more information about these scams or has dealt with them previously, please let me know below.

Also not 100% sure if this is the most appropriate topic for this message, so please delete if isn’t.

Thank you :slight_smile:



I’ve seen these kinds of scams going around before, they usually rely on the scare factor of the threat of account action, rather than passing themselves as actually legitimate “report users”.

I’m not sure of the exact structure of the program, or fully how it works, but I can confirm that a “Fast Track” program does indeed exist, but all it does is prioritize reports and gives you metrics on your report accuracy.

That’s probably why they changed the autosending message to include that, so people looking it up will see it exists.

There has been incidents involving actual Fast Track reporters before, (not going to say names) abusing the system to silence certain communities which don’t align with their views.

Either way, the best thing to do is ignore these messages, and just report them as soon as you get them.

If you need any more info, just inbox me on the DevForums and I’ll get back to you :slight_smile:


Yeah i got long time ago messages like this and i just blocked them my friend got same thing but only with rap increase and lost hes Valkyrie

Please do not misuse categories. Simply report these users and do not engage with them.