Game name bugged on website and not anywhere else

Whilst working on a game we’ve decided a game name change is required, upon changing the name of the game, the website still shows the old the game name but when you press play, it shows the new name.

Game link:

This is what it looks on PC:



Same goes for mobile, name didn’t update on the page:


As for replication of this bug, I am not entirely too sure, we’ve tried changing the name every way possible but we still end up with this result.

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Change the name via game settings as well as place settings for the start place.

Not sure how we managed to get the name of the place/game like this. To clarify, changing the name of the start place or game will not change how it displays on the page for the game in the OP.

More screenshots of bug

When configuring the place:

Configuring the game:

Studio game settings and explorer (might have to right click>view image to see full image):


The only thing I have found that might be related is renaming the game will not completely rename the start place, whereas renaming the start place will always rename the game. This can be reproduced by creating a new place then configuring and renaming the game (not the place).

The new name of the game will show as the start page’s game title and also on the browser tab, but not in the URL or anywhere else. Not sure if this is intentional or not. See here for reference:

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