Game name for a Fakemon type game

Im trying to make a game very similar to all the recent pokemon games and pokemon brick bronze but i dont know what to name it. The game is going to have a steampunk / cyberpunk theme. Like i said in the title, this isn’t going to be a pokemon game, just a fakemon game (fake pokemon). Any name ideas are appreciated.



(i know, great name, totally didn’t make it up in 10 seconds :pleading_face:)

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Sadly this title would probably get moderated considering Roblox’s name usage guidelines


If I had to suggest a name myself, considering you said it’s related to steampunk/cyberpunk, I’d go for something like “Steel Duel”, “Cyber Creature” (Sounds cheesy, I know), “Punk Catch”, “Ace Trainer”, etc. Just try and combine words that describe the aesthetic of the game and some aspects of it (if your game is more leaning towards the duel aspect of pokémon, then go for words like “duel” or “battle”, but if it’s more of a collecting game, use terms like “catch” and “train”).

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Thanks for all the suggestions, think im liking steel duel the most.

Didn’t know Robloxs had a rule against putting anything similar to the name in a title though