Game name ideas

After finding out that a lot of other business had the same name as my game, I need help finding a new name. The original name was Adventure World, and basically this is the basic gameplay:

  • You collect coins to unlock new courses
  • Courses are like obbies, but with themes (grassland, desert, ect…)
  • You collect gems to unlock trails, titles in the shop
  • There is a timer in each course, and depending on what time you get equals the type of star you get
  • There are 4 types of stars.
  • Bronze is if you complete the course
  • Silver is if you complete the course under BLANK seconds
  • Gold is if you complete the course under BLANK seconds without dying
  • Insane is all the requirements above plus you have collected all coins and gems(once you collect a coin, you never collect that same coin again, even if you leave the game)

So what are some good names for this type of game. If anyone feels as though I copied there game concept, I can assure them I started making these types of games in March of 2019.

Have a good day!

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Maybe “Crash Course Ultimate” or something like that.

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Here are a list of names:
Portal island
Portal world
Mad obbies
Adventure obbies
Obby adventures- Portal edition
Course run
Porse(a mixture of portal and couse)

This is the one which i like best:

Hope some of these gave you an idea of some game names!


what about “coin collecters” and jeez you have been working on this for over a year and you still are at the stage where you need a name?

I started making games with that game concept in 2019. Over the year, I made 3 games like that in total, and I am now moving on to the 4 edition.

Though I will probably not use any of these names, it did give me good ideas. Thank you!

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