Game Name Ideas?

I’m planning on making a horror story game (Not one of these cash-grab piggy clones) and I was wondering if I could have some help finding a name, i’m planning on making it quite similar to Dead by Daylight, where players have to survive the night and avoid getting killed by the player who is chosen to be a killer, I am going to add my own twist to it however and turn it into a story game. Could I have some help with choosing a name?


Well, tell me more about your game. What’s it about, what’s the theme?

So, the theme is a horror story, players have to survive. The story is based around a deranged lunatic who kills people in the forest. The players will be “Survivors” which are campers who decided to spend the night in the forest, they have to survive the night and hope that the killer doesn’t kill them.

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I think a nice name is Death Camping.

Eh, that’s not really scary. I’d like something that sounds catchy and scary.

I think “CapSurv” would be a good name, meaning, “Capture The Survivors!” but that’s too cringe, so make it like “CapSurv.” Honestly doesn’t sound that bad. Hope that helped.

Will it always be a campsite or are there going to be different maps of varying themes? If it will always be a campsite / forest you could implement that into the name, however I’ve been thinking for a few minutes and got nothing haha.

Well you could do something that has to do with a scary campfire story that the campers tell that ends up being true and is the premise of the game, but something like “Campfire Story” isn’t catchy nor scary, so I don’t have any direct suggestions, but maybe you can think of something similar?

I was thinking of something like Manhunt, I don’t know if that is any good though.

Manhunt is very catchy and easy to make art with imo

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I would suggest trying to find something original to differentiate. I know the platform has been around for a while, so being 100% unique is tough, but this was funny:

But notice how none of them have any players, so although it wouldn’t be the first “Manhunt” it could be the first successful “Manhunt”. I also don’t think any of the developers would be too upset over a name that isn’t trademarked and is a fairly common name.

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