Game name suggestions


I am a relatively new developer, and I am looking to create my first game by myself, not hiring other developers (like many of you) for Robux prices. That isn’t a bad option, however I am looking to create my own games from scratch, like many game designers.


However, the hardest part (in my opinion) is coming up with a strong name that represents the game well. If you are wondering, the game will be sort of like Assassin, a popular knife-throwing game where you have a target player, and you try to eliminate them from the game. I will be making something similar, though instead of knives I will use guns, and you are able to purchase new colors / styles of the gun, effects, etc. There will be multiple maps that players can elect, and the style of the game (like arsenal). Basically, I’m putting the two single greatest games on all of ROBLOX together, plus adding my own twists to it.

Solutions that failed :skull:

I have already tried name generators, I never found what I needed on there. Originally, I was thinking something like “Tactical”, but I realize that isn’t a very good name for a game. And never once did the DevForum let me down lol, I am resorting to your amazing support.

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Start making the game first. The name can come later. If the game undergoes major changes from your initial plan, the name would need to be changed anyway.

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Maybe you could use an abbreviation for the name, and have it spell out a word.