Game Not Functioning

In my game, there’s a strange error occuring, stopping my friends from enjoying the game.
There are players that seem like they don’t exist. Their camera can’t be edited, they can’t see guis, they can’t talk, it seems like they have no Core Scripts, Guis, or Packages. I’m very confused on what this is, any help?

Images of issue.


bizarre… are the players’ humanoid root parts or other body parts anchored?

It is possible that you could have a free model or plugin that does more than what you intend it to do.

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they can move, its that other elements such as local scripts, and core scripts, gui, don’t appear for them.

Yeah, I’m not sure what though. It started happening recently. I’m going to check for any harmful code in something I inserted around the time of error.

Are there any trusted plugins to possibly get rid of viruses? Most antiviruses are in themselves, viruses.

Found out this issue. I had a code to destroy a gui element, but I added one to many parents, destroying playergui for anyone not on the admin whitelist.
Thank you so much to @Zippy0426 for figuring this out.