Game not getting textlabel?

I was kind of hoping I didn’t have to make a post about this but I was making a script and I made a variable hoping I could get the contents of a textlabel in a script, but even without the rest of the script the variable itself gave me an error.

Variable: local WhiteListed = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.owner.Name.text.Text

Error: [Workspace.Cubes.Cubical.Chair.Seat.Script:4: attempt to index nil with ‘Text’]
owner = a brick
name = a billboard gui
text = textlabel
Text = the property text INSIDE a textlabel

“attempt to index nil with”
Usually means that what you are attempting to index
something that is nil.
Check if it is nil, because it won’t work if it is nil.

originally it was a nil value changed by a script, I changed it just in case and it still doesn’t work

Roblox will say if it is nil or not, Are uou referring to the wrong Text?

Always name your text labels / things in general something different if you want to reference them
Making them have the same name usually doesn’t work out well

I don’t have any other texts or text labels in the game.

This is a bit vague but I am going to assume you’re using the client for this. Try adding WaitForChild() wherever the TextLabel is and try again.

I think the script is confused with the Name property and the Name Billboard Gui. Try changing the billboard GUI name and see what happens.

Yeah that was it, I knew it was probably something simple.