Game not lagging in studio; but lags in an actual server

i have game, when i play in studio, my ping doesnt spike whatsoever, however when i join an actual server, the game spikes for me and i’m not sure how to fix this


check the server region, roblox puts you in servers depending on your location, are you using a vpn?

and btw in studio when you play test you run the game on a local server


i am not on a vpn + the game is just a test game so it has 0 players, when i join a regular server as i said, i spike when i use proximity prompts

Actually there are lot of reasons for as roblox player takes more lag than studios like high ram usage and ping

I could be wrong, but I believe when you play in studio, your client and server are both local on your computer and communicate directly to one another. In other words, your computer is just communicating to itself during a studio test. In a real game, your computer communicates with one of Roblox’s remote servers. That is also why there are differences between in-studio tests and live server tests.

Edit: I just realized this is what qChronos mentioned as well, and I second his reply.

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it’s your internet then, can’t find any other solution

hm alright, thank you for helping me