Game not saving

Hey, I was editing my game, and it didn’t save. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or what. Need some feedback.

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Did something like this pop up in your output?

10:45:40.608 - Letter Catcher publish failed. (x6)

i’m having the same problem and I didn’t have team create

This may be due to a team create glitch and this belongs in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs

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It is saying [Game].publish failed

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Then I guess it’s a studio issue because it always published successfully before

Alright, well thank you for that. I will head there.

It’s happening to me too, its not saving.

Yea so theres currently a bug going on. You cant say nor publish. Seems to be server sided.
And also it happens to everyone atm. For what my friends have told me.


I was going to publish my game version to my test server and in the output it told me that the publish failed, I hope it is fixed in some minutes/hours :wink:

There is a bug report regarding this situation, the software engineers team are looking into this.
Unable to start team test or publish game (Internal Server Error: 500)

I wasn’t using team create and the bug still happended?

Roblox is currently down apparently.

Bug is also affecting me in Studio, it’s not just team create that’s the problem.


Managed to save the game just now, it might be fixed.