Game not showing on continue tab?

My game isn’t showing on the continue playing tab, and it isn’t showing for anyone else even though I’ve played it multiple times. Something else strange is the URL for my game is not the actual name of it. Very strange indeed.

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That is very odd I’d advise posting this under #bug-reports and maybe a member of the Roblox Staff can help you. Can you send the link to the game maybe it’s a link bug

What is the name of the game, …

You couldve just said
The Army

I will post later, i gotta do stuff

Link is definitely not the actual name

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Just a note - The load-in screen says ‘The Army’, go into configure game and check ‘Places’

Cant you just change the place name to the name you want?

That’s not the main issue, the issue is it not showing up on continue tab

Plus, when I click on the “Army Game” link it just leads me to the main game.

Nvm, I changed the name.

Oops, i forgor

Maybe that is part of the issue?
Probably not but, give it a try

Changing the name has not fixed the issue it seems.

I created a WHOLE NEW GAME, fresh and everything and still nothing!

Yeah this happens for me as well. Give it a few days (3) and it’ll start working. You’re not alone

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Alright, I’ll see if that works.

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Just a note: I said this so you could change the name of the place.

It has popped up on my continue @Towren

This isn’t just happening to you. It’s happening to me also.