Game optimization between using many mesh parts and joined ones, which is better?

So I been making a map for awhile and it has a lot of mesh parts in it. I was thinking that mesh parts that are separated and put on performance rendering could perhaps increase performance just because the further meshes would get rendered in lower quality. But I think the downside would be for the player to load them all in, so I thought what if I combined all of those small meshes into one, maybe it would help? Though if it was 1 big mesh, things like performance rendering wouldn’t really work most of the time, since the mesh would most likely be big enough to get into players rendering view wherever he walks.

If anyone got ideas on what should be done about this issue I got, I would appreciate it.


There are so many posts about this topic already. Using the Search button up top should find you that information.

if theres more not only does it effect studio performance but game too, yes combining them all will help IF you have it on automatic rendering, the problem with combining them all with automatic is that is makes them all really low graphics, so I reccomend using this for off screen background stuff.


Got it, thanks for the information.

I know this was marked as solved, but there’s a lot more to it than just one or the other. What is this joined mesh made out of? I think it’d be easiest if we could see a photo of this mesh.

If this big mesh is actually made out of a lot of small meshes that you use elsewhere in the game, I suggest not combining them into one big object. The more MeshIds the longer your game takes to load when a player joins. Same goes for TextureIds.

I suggest looking into RenderFidelity as well as StreamingEnabled if you’re having issues with lag. If you try both of those and there’s still performance issues, I could list a lot of small tasks that you can do to reduce lag.

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Sorry for the late reply but it’s mostly really low poly meshes, could be nearly compared to scattered square meshes around the map just that’s there a lot of them (over a thousand). Also I’m not experiencing lag at least yet, the game map is far from being complete but I’m taking certain measures so I don’t have to focus on heavily optimizing it later on. Thanks for the suggestions that you listed as well.

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