Game: Paint 'N Guess

Paint 'N Guess Information :paintbrush:

How to play

Welcome to Paint 'N Guess, pick up the paintbrush and let your imagination flow.

The title explains the game in its entirety and is super easy to play and understand.

You will join a server of 11 players and race to discover what the painter is painting before anyone else. If you find the chosen word before time is up, you will have a chance to paint. If no one guesses correctly, or time runs out, a random player will be selected to paint!

Rules and Bans

Exchanging hints, answers, or details about what you’re painting to another player is not allowed and unfair to other players who are trying to play the game. We term this teaming and it is an easy way to receive a ban.

Inappropriate behavior is not allowed whatsoever. Please keep your paintings family-friendly, on-topic, and within ROBLOX’s community rules and terms of use in order to provide all players with an enjoyable experience while playing.

A majority of rule violators are eventually caught and banned. If you were banned for breaking the rules, head down to our social media links on the game page and click on the discord icon. We currently deal with unban request there and will be happy to process your request.


We are actively attempting to grow our community of players and we try to do this in a number of ways. One easy and free way is by joining our ROBLOX fan group. You can join our group here and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Participate in answering Question of the Day shouts
  • Apply for the Moderator position when spots are available.
  • Provide feedback on the game
  • Be one of the first to know about updates and news
  • Interact with other fans and ROBLOX community members on our wall

If you are looking to further interact with our community, feel free to check out the Social Media platforms linked below Paint ‘N Guess’ game page description. Located here, you can find direct access to our discord and twitter accounts.


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