Game Party Creation

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    I have a question on how creating a game lobby works. Alright so I have a main hub which is only allowed for 1 player to join but I also want to make a “Invite Players” options where others can join you as like a Team/Party. After, you invite your teammates the party leader clicks to join the game and all players load into it.
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You should probably take a look at messaging service for cross server communication. One method would be to store a table of party members in the party leaders server, and then have all the players in the table teleport.

(This is a very rough idea and would need some modifications for exploiters and optimization and such.)

Will check it out!! Thank you :heart:

If you want to handle it via 1 player lobbies then you’ll need to use MessagingService a lot. Unless you feel really brave, I suggest you instead make 60-100 player servers and make lobbies locally to server. This way you’ll be able to use server variables easily and won’t have to constantly send messages and check if they went through.

So if I turn the max player to 5 in a hand and make everything local to the server would it be the same as having a 1 player max game?

Huh? What do you mean? What I meant is that relying on MessagingService to handle matchmaking can be very painful to make and vulnerable to bugs.

Ohhh okayy thank you :heart::pray:!! I’m looking to make a server where you can invite your friends to your specific server!! For instance say you’re in your own game and you want your friends to join you…it’ll send a invite to them from their game and allow them into yours and then you’ll become the party leader!!

Joining parties will take a while then, I dont recommend that.