Game performance stats reporting inaccurate drops in CCU

As you can see the performance stats are reporting a steep decline in CCU while very obviously not being true. Both of these pages were constantly refreshed and the screenshots were taken at the same time. The game page was also reporting around 500 CCU. This is not the first time I am seeing weird sudden drops in reported CCU on the performance stats, but I’ve never seen it drop this much.

Expected behavior

I expect whatever CCU the game page/overview is reporting to align with the performance stats.

Page URL:


Thanks for reporting. We are actively looking into it. We will update this thread once we have more information.


Hello we have performed several improvements to mitigate this issue. I have been monitoring for quite a while and have noticed only a few isolated incidents recently, wondering how has been your experience recently with CCU reporting. Thanks

I’ll be monitoring the CCU stats across all of our games closely over the next few days and let you know if the issue persists.