Game performance with lots of 3D Models

Has anyone made a place comprised of almost entirely imported models? If so, how did the game perform?

My team and I are looking into this since we can work much more efficiently in Blender 2.81 for making scenes and we can keep the poly count Roblox friendly.

If anyone has advice, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, look at almost ever simulator game, basically all their assets are made out of 3D models, and they perform fine!

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Ahhh! It was right under my nose somewhat. We are looking to be a fair bit more dense than those, though.


Is this game gonna include these object with physics simulations (gravity, something pushing it?)
cuz if so then i reccommend to look at this [Beta - Test Me!] Sleeping Part Behavior Improvements

And if it’s static i can’t see a reason why it would perform badly.

(they fixed the “sleeping parts” problem now but be aware that roblox is made for all platforms/hardware configurations)

Depending on the gpu & cpu & ram & rom they work better or not. There is no way to boost the performance with no need to upgrade components.

To my knowledge roblox has a hardware usage cap.
Does it?
Am i dumb?

Edit: roblox tries to limit ram usage to it’s minimum but i can’t find more.

Depending on your cpu specs it will render better. No way to make the game render better without changing your pc components. The better your pc is, better it’ll render.

Alot of games do that, make games of meshes. Even some (actually most) of the simulators!